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by Katie Teague August 23, 2019 2 min read

If you’re a mumma that looks to Instagram for inspiration on living a holistic healthy lifestyle, then I suggest following Monique. Mon is a brand new mum herself, having just welcomed baby Kora to the world late May this year. She lives in the beautiful beachside town of Cronulla, NSW where she can often be spotted taking the pram out for beach walks. Mon swears she wasn’t born with her healthy outlook, but rather took an interest when sadly her mother was diagnosed with cancer back in 2011. She does a great job of demonstrating how the body has an amazing ability to heal itself with good nutrition and natural remedies. Mon is raw and honest, is happy to have a laugh at her own expense and seems to live life to the fullest, which I for one find incredibly infectious.

We hope you love our one-on-one with Mon!


1 | Describe your “Mum Uniform” in 3 words?


Breastfeeding friendly

2 | Finding maternity and nursing wear that is both stylish and practical can be incredibly difficult… Do you have any go-to brand/s that you can recommend?

I love bonds for their maternity bras - super comfortable.

I don’t really go for maternity brands for clothing I just make sure it’s easy to feed with, buttons down the front is the way to go! 


3 | What was your most unexpected pregnancy symptom and how did you overcome it?

Pregnancy acne !! I had pimples on my chin from the hormones. I just made sure I didn’t use any oily products and had omnilux lights every couple of weeks.


4 | What are your top tips for getting out the door stress free with a newborn/ infant / toddlers?

Being organised! I can tell you I definitely had a few times I forgot a change of outfit for her or even nappies but I’ve learnt my lesson! Always have your bag packed and ready for the next outing.


5 | One piece of advice you wish you’d been given before you first became a mum?

Just go with the flow and listen to your baby because every baby is different ! 


6 | Do you have any self-care tips that help you feel like a more balanced mumma?

Try and make time to go to the gym or do something for yourself. For some this may be hard but I try work out a way to take my baby... like a mums and bubs pilates class or a skincare routine.


7 | Top 5 nappy bag/ mum bag essentials?

Nappies of course

Change of clothes (I have been caught out a few times)



Face cloth

8 | Who is a “mum boss” you look to for your own inspo, tips and tricks and why?

@rocamoons - check her out she is the epitome of ‘mum boss’ she lives a healthy, active, tropical lifestyle which I LOVE!  


Thanks Mon! xox

Where can you find Mon?


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Katie Teague
Katie Teague

HARRY AUSTIN Founder & Designer

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