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by Katie Teague December 13, 2019 3 min read

So, it turns out I am one of the growing number of self-gifters! Granted, this giving method renders Santa redundant, but before anyone starts pulling the concept to pieces, please hear me out! For what some could easily label as self-indulgent, one could argue that self-gifting is actually a genius response to our mindless and rampant consumerism. Let’s consider the benefits…

1. Emotional benefits

If you’re anything like me, the moment your first child was born was the moment your shopping addiction (thankfully) went flying out the window. Any disposable income you once blew online, is now being channelled directly into your precious children. As sad as it might sound, I genuinely get more pleasure browsing bassinet’s on than surfing sunnies on

The emotional benefits of self-gifting are manifold. For one, there’s no disappointment when a spouse delivers a non-stick frying pan instead of a spa voucher #kiddingnotkidding. I'm going to avoid using the overused term of "self-care" (even though I am a believer), so instead let's just say that if you’ve had a tough year, a good year, a mixed year, a selfless year of raising and nurturing little people or maybe worked so hard you haven’t spared a moment for yourself, now is the time if any to treat yourself. In my family, my husband and I actually put aside funds over the year to save up for something we really value, or our extended family might even contribute. It makes it more rewarding when you finally receive it at the end of the year.

 2. Environmental benefits

Ever since the three wise men rocked up with gold, frankincense and myrrh for a baby who, frankly, would have been happy with a cardboard box wrapped in newspaper, the world has followed the tradition of excessive gifting, which more often than not… is unwanted.

“The average Australian household spends around $963 on Christmas presents each year. But it may shock you to know that $620 worth of these gifts will be unwanted by the recipient… So where do these unwanted gifts go? Well some are re-gifted, some become unwanted clutter, but many end up in landfill.”
-The Clean Collective

Self-gifting (and also the increasingly popular millennial trend of Kris Kringle) can help to reduce the ridiculous number of gifts ending up in landfill following the festive season. Because you gift yourself something you want, there’s also no petrol or unnecessary postage or shipping charges wasted returning gifts that were the wrong size or just plain awful. Sure, the kids can still have their Christmas stocking, I’m not the Christmas Grinch, but the rest of us would benefit from a “buy less, buy better” mentality. 

So if you're ‘Team Self-Gifting’, I reward you with an exclusive discount for our online store that can be used sitewide for the remainder of the festive season!

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light! xox

Founder & Designer

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Katie Teague
Katie Teague

HARRY AUSTIN Founder & Designer

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