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by Katie Teague May 05, 2021 3 min read

Our gift to you this Mother's Day is a little reassurance and guidance on how to tackle the juggle of motherhood from one of the most authentic and capable mother's we know and adore. We hope you enjoy our interview with Mum Boss Soelae Riley.

Hi, I’m Soelae, a single mother to a beautiful 20-month-old baby girl Luna. We live in Byron Bay in the countryside and love spending our days by the ocean, at the park and with family & friends.

I am also a meditation teacher, and have been working in the wellness space for over 15 years. Running global meditation retreats, speaking at events and running corporate workplace meditation programs.

Since being a mother, I have also been teaching private 1:1 Vedic meditation courses in Byron, and online. I am so passionate about teaching parents how to meditate and integrate a daily practice into our busy kid filled lives.


1 | Describe your “Mum Uniform” in 3 words?

Active-wear, jeans, dresses

2 | As a mother and meditation teacher I’m sure you’ll have a few great tips for other mummas on how to apply mindfulness to parenting? 


As a mum it is non-stop attending to our children’s needs, running a home and for some working as well. It can all get overwhelming pretty quick.

A great tip for getting on top of (losing your sh”t) in the moment, is deep long breaths, focusing on extending the exhale.

However, ideally, we want to not get to that point, this is why is it so valuable to have a daily practice that helps release stress, tension and fatigue so that you don’t react (or loss it) at your little ones.

For me a daily meditation practice is my saviour… I truly feel I am a better mum for it.

3 | What was your most unexpected pregnancy symptom and how did you overcome it? 

Feeling that deep inner mother protector feeling arise.

It was an unexplainable instinct to create an environment I would want my baby to grow up within. I made big changes and moved back to Byron Bay, into a cottage on my parents farm and started studying all about gentle & conscious parenting.


4 | What are your top tip/s for getting out the door stress free with a toddler? 

  • Give yourself more time than you think it will take
  • Ask for help (this is massive if you have someone that can assist)
  • Make it a game – yep that includes chase’ies, face painting the sunscreen, putting shoes on their teddy as well. (Oh, dear help!)

5 | One piece of advice you wish you’d been given before you first became a mum? 

Ask for help!

I still need to get better at this myself.

Generally, us mothers don’t want to burden others, and feel we can just get it done, and we do! But, at the risk of totally burning out. 

(Oh, and if I could id have a cleaner once a week, that would be a massive help).

6 | Do you have any self-care tips that help you feel like a more balanced Mumma? 

Looking after your mind, body and soul.

  1. Mind – Meditate (even a 5 min medi helps)
  2. Body – Move! Any exercise is amazing and even better if it can be in nature
  3. Soul - This is very individual how we all connect with our inner ‘being’ – But something I find helps elevate my spirit is reading or listening to personal development style podcasts.

7 | Top 5 nappy bag/mum bag essentials?

  1. Bag organiser (I use the Harry Austin one)
  2. Nappies / wipes
  3. Water
  4. Snacks
  5. And more snacks!
8 | Who is a “mum boss” you look to for your own inspo, tips and tricks and why? 
  1. Rachel Samson @australianpsychologist

    A must follow, for all things relationships, nurturing children and understanding their stages of development.
  1. The Gentle Mumma - @thegentlemamma

    Great education and tips on how to raise emotionally secure children.
  1. Katie Teague - @harryaustinbags

    Total #mumboss 2 kids, working full time, successful business, and somehow still has a social life. Anyone that knows Katie would agree she has a contagious positive outlook on life.
  1. And I salute ALL mothers that are able to dedicate themselves and have the support to be able to be full time mothers. As our children’s love language is “time” (our presence).




 9 | Your favourite quote?


Thanks Soelae! xox

Where can you find Soelae?

Instagram | @Soelae_Soelae-Riley-Meditation-Harry-Austin


Website |

Katie Teague
Katie Teague

HARRY AUSTIN Founder & Designer

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