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by Katie Teague June 12, 2020 3 min read

What’s the secret to getting out the front door with your little one/s fast? BEING ORGANISED!

I designed the HARRY AUSTIN Baby Bag Converter for exactly this purpose. It features 7 custom compartments and a padded change mat to make it easy to  pre-pack all the essentials, so that when it’s time to go - you can simply pop it inside your bag (naturally I recommend the HARRY AUSTIN Florence Tote) and you're out the door without the stress. As everything has its place, it's also easy to see when something (eg. nappies) needs to be replenished!

When it comes to knowing what to pack, this entirely depends on the age of your child/ren and how long you plan to be out for. Regardless, if I have these essentials listed below in my Baby Bag Converter ready to go, I know things will run smoothly!




I always carry at least 2 nappies. Never assume 1 is enough! I've learnt the hard way many times. I love tooshies By TOM nappies as they are eco and free of nasties



Wipes, rash cream and disposable bags


You can either carry a whole pack of wipes or I recommend downsizing with a reusable wipes pouch by Huggies. Wipes are essential not just for nappy changes, but also for dirty hands and mouths. I love the range from Wotnot Naturals as they are natural and 100% biodegradable



Reusable baby change mat


I can assure you, you'll be changing your baby in all the most unexpected places! It's best to be prepared at all times. Our HARRY AUSTIN Baby Bag Converter comes equipped with a compact padded change mat made from Nylon so that it can easily be wiped clean



Hand sanitiser 


Particularly during these turbulent times, sanitation is key! It's great to squeeze a dollop of this into the kids hands before they eat, after the toilet or for yourself after changing a nappy. I love the Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 50ml by Sukin 



Nipple cream and breast pads (if you're breastfeeding)

What-to-pack-in-nappy-bag-Harry-Austin-Bags-endota-nipple-creamWet patches on your top when breast feeding on the run? No thanks. I love the organic Nourish Nipple Cream from Endota Organics.



Change of clothes 


Always ALWAYS have a spare pair of pants on hand. Particularly with babies... let's just say that nappies don't always do their job. I can never go past Jamie Kay kids wear. They are such great quality, so they often get a second life with hand-me-downs 





It pays to have a bib that lives in your nappy bag. If you avoid one less change of clothes... it's been a good day! I just love the tones and practicality of these bibs from Rommer. As they are silicone they also fold up nice and compactly



Long life snacks 


On quick outings you won't always need to pack meals or snack boxes, but it's good habit to have a few baby biscuits or teethers tucked away for a rainy day. I speak from experience that these can be particularly handy for soothing a baby's sobs when stuck in traffic. I love the Bellamy's Organic range

On longer outings I recommend packing fresh fruit with a skin (nature's perfect travel food) or a snack box. I have the Yumbox by Minihippo, which is leakproof and fits perfectly into the insulated velcro flap back pocket of our HARRY AUSTIN Baby Bag Converter



Comforters & Toys


I always keep a chew toy for the baby and a compact colouring in book and pencils packed. These are necessary distractions for when you're stopping for a coffee or lunch out. I get my baby teethers from Maddie & Me as they are free from BPA, Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates, PVC and Latex



Sunscreen & Hat


Even on cloudy days the sun has an impact. Be prepared with protection or a beanie for the colder days. Will & Bear stock some seriously cute ones


Last minute add-ins

All you'll need to worry about adding into your nappy bag on the day are your own belongings (wallet, keys, phone and water bottle - always keep hydrated!) and the kid/s fresh essentials such as formula and a warm bottle of boiled water if you're not breastfeeding, water bottle/s, fresh snacks and a jumper in the colder weather.

Easy done... less time organising means more time for you! I hope this helps all you gorgeous mumma's.


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      HARRY AUSTIN Baby Bag Converter 

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      Here are just some of our favourite bags that fit the HARRY AUSTIN Baby Bag Converter - pictured above with 1) HARRY AUSTIN Florence Tote Tan, 2) Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM & 3) State of Escape Tote

      Katie Teague
      Katie Teague

      HARRY AUSTIN Founder & Designer

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